AboutMe - Matthew Kreutzer
First Fall Leaf

Super hero by night, and photography enthusiast by day. That about sums me up, well not really a total sum up, but a fun opening statement. I grew up in small town America and then got the bright idea to leave home early. Traveling, trouble, adventure, well they all landed me where I am today.  I work as a traveling emergency room nurse all over the country.  When I'm not jump starting hearts and trying to look like George Clooney slow running into a room, I spend my time outdoors, with my camera in my hand or my nose buried in a tomb of knowledge.

I'm actively pursuing a master's degree in nursing, with a focus on becoming a nurse practitioner specializing in family medicine. I'm also looking for a padiwan, so I can complete my Jedi knight training, and become a true Jedi master. 

As you can see, I'm quirky and always trying to improve myself, and help those around me, usually with a laugh, sometimes with medicine. I'm blessed to have the life I've had, good and bad, and I'm glad I have the chance its uniqueness to you.

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